An History, since the Sixties

MBY is LOMAC dealer, LOMAC is leader in Italy producing a range of inflatable crafts from the collapsible inflatable boats to the fiberglass or aluminum crafts.

The range includes almost 80 models, from 2 up to 11 meters long, with tubes made of neoprene Hypalon Orca ®

All the LOMAC RIBS can be customized in color, materials and équipement.

The different models are:

  • Collapsible ribs « TENDER » : open or equipped, in fiberglass (TENDER) or aluminum with VIBRAM ® protections if required. VIBRAM ® can be in three different colors and two different levels of endurance
  • Working ribs « CLUB » : dedicated to the divers, the sailing schools, the harbor offices, the harbour activities , the platforms of extraction, the safety activities, the fishing activities.
  • Pleasure ribs  OK , IN, Gran Turismo from 5mt20 up to 11 meters
  • Performance RIBS « ADRENALINA » : the hull is designed to achieve high speeds more than 60knots .Models are from 7mt50 up to 10mt50
  • Special ribs to be used in very hard conditions. These models are highly customized.